Simplified Pomodoro study technique

Studying is fun!! Or not?

Starting a task such as reading a large amount of material can be anxietying, boring, full of digressions and you may want to go up for air a few times. I have been a victim of being overwhelmed by the massiveness of the big picture. Many nurses go through this.

Adopting a study technique is a suitable way to break down a large bulk of work into manageable sections.

The pomodoro technique is a near effortless method of improving efficiency that was invented by Fracesco Cirillo in the 80s. At the time, the Italian had a relatable period of low productivity in university.

So let me break it down. Equipment you´ll need;

  • A pomodoro (A kitchen timer, Phone, stop watch, or this amazing TomatoTimer )
  • To do or study list in order of priority.
  • A pomodoro award sheet; A list of activities you will do during the breaks which to me are awards for achieving each task.

You should be able to check the time whenever you would like to. That explains the down side to using a phone, you are prone to distraction. If you are as easily sidetracked as I am, take an oath not to touch it while engaged.

Pomodoro Awards are basically simple motivators. Snacking and rehydrating in between is a sure way to maintain glucose for your brain.

Flat lay of business concept


Breakdown tasks to sections you can get done within 25 minutes. Put it down on the activity sheet. Schedule 5-10 minute breaks every 25 minutes.

Collect all the required study material onto your work area. Have a glass of water accessible.

Set the timer to 25 minutes & begin. After 4 sequences, take a 20-30 minute long break.

During breaks; Engage in a non-mentally engaging activity away from the study area. This way, your mind is completely dissociated from the work so you can relax.

If you get distracted, start over. Example; your phone beeps. Instead of ignoring it, you check the message. Start over. Set the 25 minutes all over again. I know the itch to check your social media feed can be as grand as a chronic illness but ignore it. Disregarding that urge is not considered a distraction.

The upside;

It is a sure way to achieve studying discipline. My concentration levels have significantly improved and I achieved quite a lot.Further, it creates and maintains motivation.

By refining the studying process to periods of absolute concentration, this translates to time-saving and increased productivity!

The downside;

Once you are absolutely absorbed in work, the breaks might puncture your thought flow. You can choose to take 5 minute breaks during peak hours then simmer down to 10 minutes towards the end.

The ticking of the timer almost drove me up a wall. When fully concentrated though, I could hardly hear it. Background music can be helpful to dissociate, as I did with  House piano by Kygo & Jazz.

This website provides all the equipment.

Read further on the technique here and here.

All the best & let me know what how it went with you.


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