Did you know that we (Nurses & Midwives) are the highest group of professional healthcare providers? Mentorship, resilience and strength comes in numbers! On an individual level, physical and mental fitness goes a long way in strengthening us execute our passions.

@WeRunNursing is reflective of teamwork which is carried on, not only in the clinical area & education, but in every aspect of our interation as we pace the future of Nursing & Midwifery.

This upcoming marathon is going to be a fun meet up & mash up that unites us for health promotion and a good time!!

You are absolutely welcome to join us the @WeRunNursing team this October the 27th in Nyayo stadium for the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. There are various categories and distances so go ahead and register for one you feel comfortable with and join the training packs!

How To Join

  1. Register HERE to join the team
  2. Go to Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon and register for the race.
  3. Lace up and get ready

Meet teammates, receive training updates and share your stories by following @cardiaccate and @WeRunNursing on instagram and twitter.

Come on and let us pace our Nursing future!

See you there! Cheers

We Run Nursing Inaugural marathon

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