Nursing Council Exam Papers

Nursing school can be tough! Exams can be exhilarating for some and daunting for others. At the end of the  three or four years, we all cross the licensure tape that is, the Nursing Licensure exams. Oh how the thought of it has me taking a deep breath for clarity!

In retrospect the period we prepared for the exams was quite grizzly. I strongly believe though that these 5 simplified preparation steps for licensure exams aided in passing the exams. One of them is holding group discussions.

While you may be unable to do so in person, our discussion board offers a practical online avenue.

We hold deliberations on the nursing licensure examinations based on questions from previous exam papers and those sent over by readers.

These are not examination leakages (jokes on those who thought so, hehe). We highly encourage updated answers and where possible, tagged with references.

The contents are;

 Paper I

Paper II

Paper III

Paper IV


I hope this will be beneficial as I wish you success!

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